What kind of insurance do condo owners need?

If you own an individual condo or townhouse, you need to purchase an individual HO-6 condo insurance policy.

This policy is specifically designed for condo and townhouse unit owners.

Your individual HO-6 condo insurance policy will provide coverage for your personal property, loss of use, liability, and medical expense, as well as additional coverage such as loss assessment.

You should also verify that your HOA has sufficient coverage on their master insurance policy to meet the needs of the homeowners association.

To find outstanding services and great coverage for your condo or townhouse, call Inside Insurance at 801-505-4300 or online at InsideInsuranceAgency.com

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Inside insurance was founded on the principle of Integrity (doing the right thing, even if no one is watching). We pride ourselves on putting our client’s needs first. Providing the most appropriate coverage is our first priority. As an Independent agency, we are able to provide our clients with the best insurance products available to suit their needs, and then match them with the best price available. We want to be your Agency for life and we strive to blow your socks off with our service to earn your trust in referring your family and friends.

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